Welcome to Neurolab

Live webinar schedule:
2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month, 5pm PST.

  • 1st webinar will be on current research and science, neurophysiological mechanisms of acupuncture, 5 NTP (Neuropuncture Treatment Principles), 5 NET (Neuropuncture Electrical Techniques), electrical acupuncture sciences, and much more.
  • 2nd webinar will be on applications and case studies.
  • There will be other short video‚Äôs randomly uploaded, on research, science, and Neuropuncture marketing tools, to watch at your leisure.
With my 2018 global travels for teaching Neuropuncture and research, I plan on shooting interviews like Podcasts with practitioners from around the world. These will be uploaded as well throughout 2018.

I am creating this Neuropuncture platform to first and foremost educate and inform practitioners on the neuroscience of acupuncture, and teach Neuropuncture clinical Electro Acupuncture treatment protocols. This is also going to be a source for learning how to market yourself as a specialist, and create a successful busy practice. Neuropuncture will give you the proper communication skills to educate your community and referring physicians for increased referrals, as well as the tools on exactly how to set up Neuropuncture marketing events.

Certification will be explained but no certifications until mid-2018. This also comes with a licensing agreement for using the brand Neuropuncture, and being listed on the Neuropuncture practitioner page. I, as the creator, must keep the quality control, so this is a special level of Neuropuncture that will be thoroughly policed by me personally.

To send an email with your membership priority please use the support email below.