Neuropuncture Certification Criteria

Neuropuncture Certification Criteria


Level 1:

  • Be a member of NeuroLab for at least 3 months.
  • Submit at least 3 case studies.
  • Complete one Neuropuncture hands-on workshop.
  • Complete the 12 Neuropuncture Foundations webinar series.

Level 2:

  • Continue to be a NeuroLab member.
  • Complete one of the specialty programs.
  • Publish one article on Neuropuncture and the neuroscience of acupuncture in either a medical journal, state organization journal, local newspaper in your area, etc.

Level 3:

  • Complete one more Neuropuncture hands-on workshop.
  • Maintain a clean and strong online reputation.
  • Complete the onsite Neuropuncture Dr Corradino Clinical Observation Assessment Neuropuncture specialty program.
  • Take and pass exam/ written and practical at time of Neuropuncture DMC Clinical Observation Assessment.
Contact Dr. John Gorsuch- Director of Neuropuncture Certifications
and Neuropuncture State Chapter representatives.

Certification criteria: Special attention.

Benefits for Certification:

  • Wall Certificate with DMC family Seal
  • Licensing agreement for marketing Neuropuncture, and patented prescritions.
  • Job placement opportunities- Neuropuncture teaching opportunities
  • Professional Neuropuncture educational Power Points- for community out-reach programs. This aids in practice building and community education.
  • Business Coaching & Clinical Support
  • Full access to patented Neuropuncture treatment prescriptions
  • Research opportunities
  • Get your bio and clinic name in the International Neuropuncture practitioner database.

Neuropuncture Fast Track to Certification

16-week program

This is a 16 week program. Attend 2 Live Neuropuncture workshops, and at least one, or both, must be a workshop & cadaver lab. Complete and pass all final exams.

Structure of Program


  • Watch 2 webinars per week and complete and pass the quizzes. This is to be completed before the weekly live Q&A sessions with Dr Corradino. Write down any questions, take notes and prepare for the live discussion.
  • Login in and actively attend every weekly live Q&A session. (Every Thursday LIVE Q&A and starting on a specific week practitioners will be presenting their own clinical cases to the group. Each practitioner presents at least one case in NeuroLab, at our Live weekly Q&A sessions, until it meets Dr Corradino’s approval.)
  • Final written, oral, practical exam at end. The oral and practical exam MUST be at a live Neuropuncture workshop, in person.
  • 2 Live Neuropuncture workshop+cadaver labs must be completed throughout the program.

Neuropuncture material that will be throughly examined and covered:

  • Neuropuncture Trinity
    Practitioner is expected to understand, explain, and apply the material, as well as rewrite the chart from scratch) Understanding the Neuropuncture Trinity will allow the practitioner to completely be able to explain acupuncture in neurophysiology language, breakdown any medical case to produce a powerful neuromodulating and neuro- rehabilitating EA protocol.
  • Neuropuncture Treatment Rx
    13 of the main Neuropuncture Treatmentprescriptions. These are neuroanatomy evidence-based, research supported, and clinically proven EA treatment RX. The practitioner must be able to have knowledge for each:

    • Neuropuncture point prescription (Rx)
    • Neuropuncture Treatment Rx dosage, and
    • Neuropuncture Treatment plan


  • Neuropuncture theory and clinical strategies. This includes electrical parameters, theory of neurophysiology and neuroplasticity as it relates to EA, needle technique, etc.

Benefits of program: one-on-one weekly live Neuropuncture teaching. Limited enrollment and small cohort size guarantee personal attention.

Neuropuncture Certification ceremony is in person! MUST attend and complete the second live workshop+cadaver lab training by the end of course.

Current members: $999.00

New Members: $1999.99/ $99 per month GOLD NeuroLab membership.

Access to all online extra Neuropuncture videos(50+), podcasts(7+), webinars (34+), research, and more.

Certitication Benefits:
When Certified access to Certified Neuropuncturists material in NeuroLab. Teaching opportunities, research opportunities, job placement opportunities, and entered into the Neuropuncture Global network directory for patent referrals.

Contact Dr. Corradino for more information

NeuroLab member “Specialty training” programs

Residency programs:

This is a 2-day personal, one-on-one, Neuropuncture training program with Dr Corradino to observe him at his clinic treating patients one day and the second day will be spent at a library reviewing any Neuropuncture topics. From molecular sciences, Neuropuncture techniques, treatment strategies, Neuropuncture Trinity, clinical support, Neuropuncture marketing, business support, research, difficult case analysis, and pretty much anything else that Dr Corradino can help with.

2 day program: $1200.00: 16 CEU pending

2-day NeuroLab cadaver training:

Day one: Classroom setting: a through discussion and examination of the anatomical structures specific to the area of dissection. Specific medical conditions affecting examined structures and their pathophysiology and Neuropuncture treatment will be thoroughly instructed. Resulting in an extreme thorough investigation of the anatomical structures on a human cadaver with the understanding of the exact pathophysiological structures examined and then a Neuropuncture treatment applied illustrating the targeting neuroanatomical structures.

Day two: On this day a cadaver specimen will be displayed and a thorough examination of the anatomical structures will be dissected, and examined. Attendees will have the choice to touch structures, and enjoy close up examination.

Topics of discussion:

  • Neuropuncture Trinity
  • Electro-acupuncture sciences
  • Biological physics
  • Relative neuroanatomy
  • Quantum biology and acupuncture


  • Radial n.
  • Median n.
  • Ulnar n.
  • Multifidus m.
  • Rhomboid m.
  • Erector spinae m.
  • Cervical plexus
  • Facial n.
  • Brachial plexus.
  • Sciatic n.
  • Peroneal n.
  • Trapezius m.
  • Gluteus maximus m.
  • Pectoral m.
  • Orbital n.
  • Saphenous n.
  • Tibial n.
  • Cervical spinal cord
  • HTJJ structures
  • Greater Auricular n.
  • Quads and Hamstrings
  • Deltoid m.
  • Trigeminal n.
  • Spinal cord

16 CEU pending | Price: TBA

Neuropuncture 2-day Cadaver Lab

Become a Certified Neuropuncturist

Within any given profession who are the most sought after – who are the highest paid professionals the generalist or the specialist? The specialist of course. My goal for you is as a “Certified Neuropuncturist” you will become the most sought after practitioner in your local market.

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